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To be on holidays all year round - nice to imagine indeed. But what happens, if you can't go on holidays yourself but have to provide them for others? Instead of having fun you might experience stress in what should be the best time of the year. And to be able to go to Hawaii and live in the sunshine in retirement can be a stony path for you. A path of wrong decisions, unfortunate chance happenings, customers staying away; but also success, fully booked accomodations and a fat wallet and bank account.

But you and your level of business sense are ultimately responsible for your success. As a junior businessman with a rather limited starting capital you can't afford too many bad decisions. Starting with your choice of real estate, the kind of buildings you put on, the internal decorations and choosing pricing levels you must not make mistakes. But even when the holidaymakers stay away from your rental accomodations, you have other ways of income. There are your hotdog stands, papershops and icecream parlors along the white, sandy beaches. But here too you have to provide the stock and logistics, so the sales will not slow down. And again your sense of pricing must be competitive. You have more assets: You buy small lakes and offer angling licences. This too is a busy job: pricing policy, attracting customers and constantly looking after your fishing stock is important, because without fish there are no anglers.

So you see, you have both hands full to satisfy your customers and to keep your bank account in the black. But it is not only your bad decision making, which can drive you into financial ruin. Break-ins, housefires, and bad weather conditions can cut deep holes into your budget. Someone who has no insurance in these circumstances is soon made to look real silly. But smaller defects in houses sum up too and, if not attended to, can bring you to your knees.

And if you're still not fully challenged, you can aquire a small pet. It needs constant looking after, feeding and compassion. It is not an easy task then, to "make" holidays for others - are you the right entrepreneur for 365 holi-days per year...? Try it out ...


  • more than 100 blocks of land, beaches und lakes
  • 10 different holiday huts with more than 1000 decorating combinations
  • more than 250 holiday huts to be managed
  • the same number of lakes with changing fish stock
  • the same number of beaches with papershops, icecream parlors or hotdog stands which require restocking
  • constantly changing environments which affect prices, customers etc.
  • constantly changing prices for goods, which you stock your shops with
  • holiday huts and their equipment have to be checked and repaired constantly, to avoid customer decline
  • a small Pacman-Subgame
  • interactive guide (point and click for text or picture)
  • and lots, lots more...


AmigaOS 3.0-3.1, AGA, 6 MB RAM, Hard Drive, CD-ROM.